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The Year of Happy

Do you want to learn about the science of happiness? Maybe your 2016 resolution is to be a bit happier? Join us for The Year of Happy!

The Year of Happy is a free, online course beginning January 4 and lasting throughout 2016. Each week, you’ll get an email with readings and videos that should take no more than 2 hours to complete – a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, or to enjoy over your nightly tea.

All the content is already available around the web, but this course gives it structure and organization so you have some guidance on how to pursue your happiness education. Read more…



Drawing on cutting-edge psychological research, UpJoy is an innovative new application to help individuals exercise positivity.

UpJoy prime is designed for the corporate culture, giving employees precisely timed mood-enhancing breaks to promote productivity, creativity, and well-being. UpJoy provides HR and Wellness managers with an automated, affordable, and effective system to optimize the performance and well-being of employees.

Hppy logoHppy is a mobile and web tool that enables companies to track and manage employee happiness, through mood tracking and anonymous feedback. They help individuals and organizations worldwide increase workplace happiness.

Good to Hear wideGood To Hear makes apps for life. Track and understand your mood with Happiness and dedicate yourself to self-improvement goals using Good Habits.

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