This week in positive psychology: Make time for community service, video games, and sex

Happiness research

Get it on – Research out of the University of Colorado Boulder found, unsurprisingly, that having more sex is linked with higher well-being. But so is thinking you’re having more sex than other people, while people who believe they are having less sex than their peers are less happy.

Game on – A University of Oxford study published in Pediatrics found that children and teenagers who play an hour or less of video games per day are 10-15% happier. But playing more than three hours a day is associated with less satisfaction.

Outside academia:

Help thy neighbor – A poll by Gallup found that adults who have been recognized for community service score 70.0 on the Well-Being Index, while those who haven’t score 58.5. Although a causal relationship hasn’t been established, one of the mechanisms might be that community service reduces stress and worry.

The young and the stressless – A poll of 2,000 women by Inner Me found that women are happiest at 25 but most stressed at 34 due to factors like work-life balance, finances, and health.

Photo by Flickr user Tom Newby Photography